The Jeep Wrangler - Best Resale Value in Canada

Via: The Globe and Mail

The Jeep Wrangler claimed top honours for best resale value in Canada by percentage, as announced Wednesday by Canadian Black Book (CBB), the country's largest publisher of wholesale used-vehicle prices.

Holding close to 70 per cent of MSRP after four years, the Wrangler placed first in CBB's 10th annual Best Retained Value Awards and also won the compact SUV category for the fifth straight year. CBB compared values of 2011 models in 20 classes.

Resale value matters because "depreciation is still the biggest cost of ownership," Bailey says. "We all watch gas prices, but ... people should stop and look at the future value. It may be a great deal month to month, but in the ownership period it may be more expensive."

He adds, "Some people buy a car and drive it until there is nothing left, but most people want to eventually sell their car, so it is important to consider," Bailey says.

"Sometimes spending a little more today will net you more on the back end," Bailey says.

Canadian Black Book in addition to publishing new and used vehicle prices, provides an online tool that assesses the future value of any vehicle.
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