Dodge Viper Rally Fighter Looks Like Off-roading Genius

Source: Auto Evolution

While the retirement of the Dodge Viper (production for the Gen V model ended in 2017, remember?) means the V10 beast is rarer than it should be, this won't prevent eccentric enthusiasts from coming up with wild Viper-based builds. However, there's a long way from this idea to a snake that can tackle rugged terrain and this rendering is here to offer a shortcut.

For starters, we're not talking about Dodge Viper owners that take their supercars off the beaten path for the fun of it, as this guy did back in 2018.

As for the wicked real-life projects mentioned in the intro, here's an example as good as any: dubbed Highway Star, this build, which was supposed to debut at the now-cancelled 2020 SEMA show, sees a second-gen Viper chassis (think: 1996-2002) animated by a Hellcat motor and wrapped in the body of a 1970 Dodge Challenger.

Returning to the rendering sitting before us, the work mixes the Gen V Viper (here's our review, by the way) with the Local Motors Rally Fighter. Come to think about it, the melange isn't all that strange. After all, Arizona-based Local Motors was open to any possibility when coming up with the Rally Fighter back in 2009.

First of all, the styling was selected via crowdsourcing (the winner was Sangho Kim of Pasadena, California, whose design was inspired by a P-51 Mustang fighter plane).

Secondly, the front-mid mounted 6.2-litre GM LS3 V8, which delivers 430 hp, works with a four-speed GM tranny and a four-link Ford 9-inch rear axle.

And, until we get to see a Viper actually taken down the off-roading path, this shenanigan, which comes from digital label Car Front Swaps, will have to suffice. For the record, we're talking about an Instagram page that pixel-builds such toys while accepting proposals from users. So, if the idea floats your boat, feel free to drop a suggestion.

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